Buffalo Slot Machine

Try the Buffalo gold slot online for free and get a wild fun

The Buffalo online slot is one of those free casino games that, even though they have come a long way in the world of land-based gambling, have managed to keep the same captivating refinement in their online versions. The credit goes to its production and distribution company, the Australian Aristocrat. Listen to the roar of the wilds in Aristocrat's Buffalo slot game and go on an adventure through the five reels of 4 rows of symbols that make up this popular slot game.

The Buffalo casino game comes from the developer's house called Aristocrat and belongs to the Xtra Reel Power series of slots. This game has no paylines, but it has 1024 ways to win. The game of Aristocrat can be tried out first as a demo version or played directly as a full variant for real money on our site.

This slot promises a lot of fun, even though everything here looks pretty simple. The following review will take a closer look at the slot and examine the game Buffalo, among other things, game rules, game symbols, RTP, volatility, payouts, and game strategy.

How to play the Buffalo slot machine?

Buffalo is a casino game that has five reels. It should be noted that there are no paylines in the traditional sense. The pecualiarity of the slot lies in the fact that when playing, instead of paylines, you have to pay attention to a so-called "Reel Cost". This determines the cost value of the reels.

For example, if you select the lowest Reel Cost value of 1, you can only win if identical symbols appear only on the first and middle lines, which spans all 5 reels. If you select the second higher Reel Cost with a value of 5, identical symbols appearing on the first two reels can generate wins and are multiplied by a multiplier of 5.

With the next higher Reel Cost value of 10, another reel is added and the multiplier is equal to a value of 10. Finally, with the highest Reel Cost value of 40, all reels are available for play and the multiplier is equal to a value of 40.

You can play free casino games on our site and use the Buffalo link slot machine.

The odds of winning the Buffalo

With slot machines in general, you should always try to find out in advance how high the so-called RTP value is. Then you can best define how high the chances of winning are actually on average.

You must always be aware that you will lose money in the long run when playing. You can also try to lose as quickly as possible and thus play very risky. The chances of winning can then be significantly increased, depending on the game.

It is now times with gambling always in such a way. But if you want to lose little in the long run, you should try to increase your chances of winning and pay attention to the payout rates of the games. It means you should minimize your losses in the long run.

This can be done by trying to reduce your gaming budget in the long run with as few stakes as possible. Then you can also have a higher chance of winning big.

  • The payouts in the Buffalo slot

In Buffalo gold slot, the highest payout you can get for a hit on a winning way is 300 coins. Therefore, if you can play all 1024 winning ways, you can get 7.5 times the payout for every bet you make.

  • The RTP value of the Buffalo slot

Buffalo slot has been found to have a pretty low payout ratio, namely 94.84%. This value is quite low compared to the competition because on average, slots in the industry have an RTP value of about 96%.

  • The volatility of the Buffalo slot

Matching the rather low RTP value of the game, it was also found that the game Buffalo has a low variance, or volatility, which means that you can get wins very often, but they always remain quite low and only small amounts can be paid out in the end in case of a win.

The strategy of the Buffalo slot machine

A slot is still a pure game of chance and it is simply impossible to develop a real strategy that can lead to a 100% win. The games in online casinos are controlled by random generators and algorithms, so manipulation is simply impossible.

Thus, one must first be well acquainted with the game before playing for real money. One should then take advantage of all possible bonuses that are provided by online casino providers. So, one should trigger as many free spins as possible and bonus rounds in the game as often as possible.

With this strategy, for example, every time you hit a winning combination and were able to make a profit, you can bet it doubled again right away and keep doing so until you lose it all or were able to make a really good amount and are finally satisfied with it.

This strategy provides a lot of excitement because it is then a very risky game. You can also start with very low stakes so that you do not have the feeling of having lost a lot of money.

All in all, with the Buffalo slot machine, you should assume that you can have a lot of fun in the long run and that you will never achieve really high winnings. Knowing this, everyone can figure out their own strategy for playing the game.

Buffalo: Reels and Gameplay

Fans of free slot games are often aware of some special features or setting options that characterize some online slots. A feature that marks the transposition of physical one-armed bandits into online portals and casinos.

As a result, many visitors will not be surprised to see themselves in front of fairly classic reels, but no visible paylines. Not very clear, let's explain.

The reels are 5 and well-defined. Yet you can decide not to play on all of them. It feels a bit weird, but why not give it a try? Moreover, this Aristocrat title is playable for free and without registration with us. So you can test the winning modes. Buffalo free slot games contain 1,024 different ways to win. This makes the game even less complicated than expected: no lines to select or settings to make. Getting the symbols on adjacent reels only is the only task required.

There is another interesting aspect that intrigued us in Buffalo One-Armed Bandit: the risk mode. This allows you to make an additional bet after each type of win to aspire to multiply it by betting on the color or family of the card that will be drawn. Of course, this game is incidental and not at all compulsory: the advantage is the doubled or quadrupled win, but the disadvantage is the loss of the lot.

The theme of the Buffalo slot machine

Buffalo grand slot machine is a simple but special slot with remarkable gameplay. The game has been graphically implemented in an excellent way and you find yourself in the middle of the prairie of the Wild West of the 19th century.

Here you are accompanied by bison and many other wild animals. The game has top features, which prove to be very rewarding and can lead to additional winning opportunities. Here, pure closeness to nature prevails in a very positive-looking world of wilderness.

The basic mood gives you the feeling of freedom and security and you really feel like playing and trying your luck. Here, a top gaming experience is made possible and in order to guarantee an even better gaming experience, it is certainly very helpful in advance to take a closer look at the game rules of the slot.

Then you know best what risks you can take and it certainly provides even more pleasure when playing. Visit our site to find out for more!

The symbols in the Buffalo slot machine

Although there are no paylines in the classic sense in this slot, there are a total of 1024 winning ways in this slot, where symbols must be viewed from left to right, regardless of where they are located on the reels.

The highest win in the game is achieved with the Buffalo symbol, and in doing so, you can hear a man shouting the word "Buffalo" when this symbol appears on the screen. The Buffalo symbol can appear several times on the same reel and it is even possible to fill the entire game screen with this Buffalo symbol.

This then also means that you have achieved a very high win. There are also top wins if all five reels can be filled with four Buffalo symbols each. With the free Buffalo slot game, a lot of excitement and thus also a lot of luck is provided in any case.

In addition, there is a sunset symbol, which corresponds to the so-called wild symbol in this slot machine. This means that with this symbol, you can substitute other symbols with the exception of the scatter symbols, which are represented by a gold coin. Here it is important to mention that the sunset can only appear on the second, third, and fourth reels and that it can also substitute for the Buffalo symbols.

So, with the sunset, you can also trigger high wins. Furthermore, this wild symbol also adds a multiplier to the winnings achieved, and this is when this appears during a free spins round.

As it was mentioned earlier, the gold coin is also the scatter symbol and you can also get win with this symbol when three or more scatter symbols are seen on the reels. Here, the scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reels. You have to get at least three of these symbols in total. Finally, it is also important to note that potential free spins can be triggered with this scatter symbol.

Buffalo Free Spins and Jackpots

If you get 3 or more gold coins, you will get free spins:

  • 3 gold coins will trigger 8 free spins.
  • 4 gold coins will trigger 15 free spins.
  • 5 gold coins will trigger 20 free spins.

Also, the Buffalo symbol can substitute for any other symbol. However, if this happens, the base bet value will be multiplied by 2 or 3. Buffalo wilds can add up to huge payouts. When it comes to free spins, many online casinos regularly offer them to their loyal players.

By getting three bonus symbols, you will get a free spin on the wheel of fortune. In the wheel of fortune, you will find 16 different sections, which will make you win one of the prizes displayed. Thus, you can expect to get:

  • Additional multipliers
  • Free spins.
  • Progressive Jackpot (one of 5).
  • The GrandJackpot (which is the biggest benefit of the Buffalo slot machine).

Since Buffalo jackpots are unique to each casino, they do not provide the same benefits. However, it's worth noting that they don't pay much, either. Online slot machine jackpots are generally more interesting.

The rules of the Buffalo slot game

  • The goal of the game is to achieve winning combinations in the Buffalo slot machine. These are read and scored from left to right. You can bet between 0.01 euros and two euros.
  • It is possible to win very high amounts with these stakes and you can also play this game on the go as part of a mobile version.
  • If you could collect 3 or more gold coins, then a free spins round starts, and you get either, 8, 15, or 20 free spins, if you could score 3, 4, or 5 of these scatter symbols. The free spins round then starts on the same reels as used in the base game. During the free spins round, two more additional features are also unlocked that cannot be played in the main game.
  • On the one hand, it is another free spins feature, which is activated when you can see 3 or more gold coins, and scatter symbols on the reels again. On the other hand, you can multiply your winnings 2 or 3 times with the sunset symbol.
  • With this slot, the gaming company Aristocrat has been able to produce a classic casino slot, which is very classic but at the same time unusual. The game rules are still very simple and you can quickly grasp the whole game and the special features in the game.

Play Buffalo on Mobile

Aristocrat's Buffalo free slot games can be accessed on any medium, be it tablets, smartphones or even mobile devices. It is perfectly optimized to fit the screen of any device and offer a top-notch experience.

The best part is that you can access the online slot directly from any Flash-enabled browser. So, for a great mobile experience, you'd be well advised to opt for one of the best mobile betting sites powered by Aristocrat that we recommend. It would also be good if you make your own arrangements in terms of internet connection so that you are not held back by bugs in the middle of your session.

Given the features of the Buffalo slot machine, we at (name of the site) are confident that it will meet the expectations of bettors. The graphics are good and the many features show the generosity of the software developer Aristocrat. Players will certainly take great pleasure in enjoying its free spins bonus game. And what about its mobile playability? It is just remarkable. However, if the game promises you big bucks, it would still be beneficial to start your adventure with a free spins game to get a feel for how it works. One thing is for sure though, you can have one of the most memorable experiences on this slot machine.

Buffalo Gold online slot

The most popular version of the famous slot is Buffalo Gold. This casino game allows you to win a big prize in the bonus round, and the cost of a spin starts from 40 cents. Some players won more than $2000 in the Buffalo Gold bonus game. To get a high reward you need to hit all 15 golden buffaloes during free spins.

On our site you can play Buffalo slot for free classic version and Buffalo Gold version. This version has nice graphics and has all the features of the original version. 

Buffalo Stampede

Buffalo Stampede is another version of the classic Buffalo slot from Aristocrat. The gameplay has all the same features as in the original, but the cost of one spin here starts from 70 cents. The realistic graphics and effects in the game are fascinating. The Buffalo runs straight at you, as if coming out of the screen, leaving the reward on the screen. 

The manufacturer of Buffalo Stampede has increased the effect of presence: buffaloes run from the bottom of the slot, which means you can win on many more paylines. It is possible to get great free spins bonuses here. The bonus is very easy to activate - just 2 bonus symbols are enough. It is possible to win the jackpot even with a low bet.

Buffalo Grand

Buffalo Grand offers maximum entertainment, but according to experts, this version is not the best in terms of price and quality. Thanks to the jackpot, this game is suitable for players who prefer high bets. Unlike Buffalo Stampede, the jackpot is possible to get at the maximum bet amount. 

Lower bets in Buffalo Grand mean lower payout odds. With the wrong strategy or for beginners, it is quite risky. But you can first enjoy the demo version of the game for free on our website and enjoy the great graphics. If you play for real money, then players have the opportunity to win a large amount, in addition to the bonus. Buffalo Grand has a large number of paylines, which occupies almost the entire screen of the slot.

Our final review of Buffalo

It is true that the Buffalo chief slot machine allows players to enjoy some unique features and bonuses, unlike similar slots, such as Buffalo Stampede. Its bonus wheel is certainly one of its most distinctive features, as it allows the player to guarantee a prize.

That said, it is still only available in a physical version, which may make it difficult for those who do not have casinos in their countries or simply live far away. That said, it is possible to access a free version, which can be downloaded from the internet. You can have it on Windows, Android, or iOS. It is as fun and accessible as the real version.

If you like animal-themed titles, then you will gain a lot from playing Buffalo online. This slot machine is appealing because of its 5-reel structure and 1024 ways to win, which allows it to award winnings in a very advantageous system for players. Also, it incorporates a multitude of features that give it a huge profit potential and allow players to fully profit from their different gaming sessions. In this Buffalo review, you will get a clear idea of everything it has to offer. For now, you can already expect:

  • Captivating and successful visual effects
  • A multitude of highly lucrative features
  • Entertainment with an allusion to the world of animals.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the Buffalo slot machine

  • How do I play Buffalo for free?

Head over to the Buffalo game page. This game is accessible for free and without downloading in a demo mode directly on your browser, for more comfort, activate the full-screen mode.

  • Can we win bonuses, progressive jackpots, or free spins in this game?

Yes, there are bonuses to be found in this game, access the game to find out all about them!

  • Are there similar slot machines to Buffalo?

Yes, go to the Animals slots theme! Or check out the recommendations directly on the game page.

  • Is it possible to play Buffalo on mobile?

Yes, click on the game's page to try it out as a demo on your mobile or tablet.